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Student leadership

Senior Leaders

L-R: Senior Leaders 2017 - Courtney Scull, Aimee Coleman, Shulammite Sales, Andrew Aukino, Lina Strand, Stephanie Bridge

Leadership Curriculum

Leadership is explicitly taught to students through a series of workshops across the year, with specific knowledge and skills that build across years 7 to 12.  Our enthusiastic staff mentors provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their leadership abilities and implement the knowledge gained from workshops in a variety of programs, and students are encouraged to propose their own ideas for events or projects they would like to see run.

Leadership Opportunities

Such opportunities include a variety of local, national and international projects that allow them to develop their skills for working effectively as part of a group.  These projects include fundraising ventures such as World Vision 40 hour famine and Cancer Council Relay for Life, awareness raising campaigns and programs such as the Anti-bullying Week and Healthy Waterways, along with school community improvement projects like the primary school GAP program.  Year 11 students have the opportunity to participate in the Northern Collegiate Leadership Program which enables them to work with students from other schools in our cluster on community issues and projects.  In this way, we have full confidence in the leaders we assign to represent the school the following year as captains, as we have already seen them demonstrate their outstanding leadership abilities through the Northern Collegiate Program and school initiatives.

Leadership Recognition and Celebration

The efforts and achievements of students across each year level are recognised every year at our Awards Night, with students being awarded Leadership Badges.  Participation awards involve leading by actively participating in a variety of school activities.  Honors awards are presented to students who have lead by organising and inspiring others in a school based project and Honors with Distinction leaders have demonstrated whole school community responsibility and may have been awarded based on the organisation of a community based event. These leadership levels are awarded based on the leadership demonstrated throughout the year, irrespective of year level.  Through using this model we have found that students are motivated to participate in the program and are able to work with people from other year levels on a variety of projects to develop their skills.