Principal’s welcome


Pacific Pines SHS is a rapidly growing, friendly and safe school with world class facilities where strong relationships exist between staff, parents and students. We believe that these relationships underpin the teaching and learning journey which in turn creates a strong, positive school culture.
At Pacific Pines SHS we instil a sense of personal and collective integrity in our students which will serve them well throughout their lives. In conjunction with our families we nurture our students with a sense of purpose and a clear set of behavioural standards and lifelong values. It is expected that every child brings a laptop, is neatly attired in their respective phase of learning uniform including school bag and hat, follows the non-visible mobile phone policy, and is ready to work hard.

Students enter Pacific Pines SHS is one of 3 phases of education – Junior (years 7 and 8), Senior Preparation (years 9 and 10) or Senior (years 11 and 12). Students in each of these phases study the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, and Humanities and in the senior school study ATAR, applied and general subjects and/or certificate courses whilst also attending subjects which are run by faculties such as HPE, The ARTS, Technology and Business.

Leadership in this school for students is driven by our three Leadership Teams (each Phase has a leadership team) complimented by collective student voice. Leadership for staff is driven by the Principal, 5 Directors, and 15 Heads of Department which we refer to as our Leadership Team. This team meet four times per week to discuss strategically relevant issues that relate to the Strategic Plan, AIP, Big 4 Priorities (Pedagogy, Curriculum, Inclusion and Positive Behaviour for Learning). This leadership group collaboratively unpacks the strategic plan for delivery, devises smarter ways of working and solves problems of practice that arise during the year. Staff are also encouraged to raise issues with their HoD’s during the term in faculty/phase meetings.

Pacific Pines SHS has a strong commitment to our staff’s ongoing professional development, with an emphasis on staff working with and lessons being quality assured by Heads of Department on a “Our whole school approach to pedagogy”. This approach enables staff to consistently provide students with immediate feedback, collaborative learning environments, and is thinking skills focused rather than content driven with little or no student cantered activities embedded. This approach enables students to improve their level of achievement, engagement and enjoyment in their respective subjects.

 We have launched collaborative teacher learning teams for 2023 which will meet weekly on a Wednesday afternoon with students finished school each wednesday at 1:20pm. The purpose of these collaborative meetings which are student data prefaced is to enable staff to peer discuss pedagogical improvement towards either individually identified students or group of students leading to student improvement.

There are many other interesting and amazing aspects to our school which you will discover as you make your way through this website. On behalf of myself, and our 200 committed staff members, I would like to welcome you to our fabulous school


Mark Peggrem

Last reviewed 19 January 2023
Last updated 19 January 2023