Student leadership

Pacific Pines State High School is proud of the large number of students who participate in the student leadership program and contribute to our school community, making it the great place it is today, and building for an even brighter future.
Our school motto, ‘Inspiring Excellence’, refers to the high level of learning and achievement that students at PPSHS engage with and demonstrate. For all students to achieve this ideal a supportive, progressive and positive student leadership team is paramount to setting the benchmark for excellence and cultivating a school wide culture to achieve this.
All students aspiring to gain a leadership role should demonstrate these traits of support, progression and positivity, as well as model our core learning values through their behaviour.
These values are:

Be Safe

Acting in a way that enables others to feel safe in our school environment.

Be Respectful

Valuing oneself, others and the environment by displaying honesty and consideration, and celebrating diversity.

Be Responsible

Promoting personal accountibility for learning and conduct, encouraging all to make a positive contribution to the community.

Be a Learner

Attending all classes with the required resources and demonstrating a positive attitude and work ethic that warrants success.

For more information regarding our Student Leadership Program, please view our 

PPSHS - Student Leadership Manual and Application Form - 2018

Apply now

Applications for 2019 PPSHS student leadership positions are now open! Please download the Manual above which includes the application form.
We are looking for the most positive, driven and capable students to be the voice of the student body and represent the school’s values on campus and in the wider community.
Applications are now open for the following positions in 2019: 
​Year Level in 2018 ​Year Level in 2019 ​Positions Available
​7 ​8 -         10 x Year-level Representatives
​8 ​9 -         2 x Captains
-         2 x Vice-Captains
-         4 x House Prefects
-         4 x Pillar Prefects
9 ​10 -         10 x Year-level Representatives
​10 ​11 -         Northern Collegiate   Representatives
-         Year-level Representatives
​11 ​12 ​  -         2 x Captains
-         2 x Vice-Captains
-         4 x House Prefects
-         4 x Pillar Prefects

Every position will form part of the school’s Student Council, which will be chaired and run by the senior captains. The Student Council has an important voice in determining what life for students at PPSHS looks like, and is an opportunity to make a real difference for the entire student body, while fundraising and supporting community charities and causes.

Year-level deans will be speaking on parades next week to provide more information and hand out application forms. However, if you have questions about the roles above, leadership in general, or would like to collect an application form early, please see Mr. Pennycuick in Staffroom 3 on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.
Please note: all applications must be submitted to Student Services by Friday, 2:45 pm of Week 5 – no extensions!



Last reviewed 12 September 2019
Last updated 12 September 2019