Senior Preparation Phase


Senior Preparation Phase includes students in years 9 and 10 and is traditionally referred to as Middle Secondary.

Ms Camilla Nichols is the Senior Preparation Phase Director.

Year 9 Subjects

In year 9, all students will be studying Mathematics, English, Science, Study of Society and Environment (SOSE) and Health and Physical Education.
Students will select elective subjects. These should suit particular career aspirations and that will match abilities and interest and should use the advice received from class talks, information evenings and discussions with Teachers, Heads of Departments and the School Guidance Officer.
As students move through years 10 to 12, they will be offered a greater freedom of choice in the subjects that they choose to study.
Year 9 - all students will study 5 core subjects and choose 4 elective subjects.

Year 9 Core subjects

English, Maths, Science, SOSE and Health and Physical Education

Year 9 Electives

Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Japanese, Business Law and Enterprise Studies, Digital Technology, Food Studies, Industrial Technology and Design.

Year 10 Subjects

2021 Year 10 Subject Selection Booklet

Students should select subjects that will suit particular career aspirations and that will match abilities and interests and should use the advice received from class talks, information evenings and discussions with Teachers, Heads of Departments, Directors and the School Guidance Officer.

The curriculum program for Year 10 is divided into 3 units. The first two units are 15 weeks in duration per unit and are based on Australian Curriculum subjects and achievement standards (ACARA). The third unit commences in Term 4, is 8 weeks in duration and subjects studied are senior school subjects that students intend to study in years 11 & 12. The purpose of third unit, is to provide students will the opportunity to gain some foundation knowledge about subjects they intend to study in the senior years. Students will select senior subjects at SET planning in Term 3. For more information about senior subjects, please see the Senior Subject Selection Booklet, which can be found on the school website.


Year 10 Subjects Units 1 & 2

All students will study 6 subjects per unit; 4 core and 2 electives.       

Core Subjects

All students will study:

  • English for units 1 and 2
  • Maths or Advanced Maths for units 1 and 2
  • Science or Advanced Science for units 1 and 2
  • History for 1 unit only (either unit 1 or unit 2)
  • Health or PE for 1 unit only (either unit 1 or unit 2)

Please note: If History is studied in unit 1, Health or PE will be studied in unit 2 and vice versa.

Elective Subjects (1 unit only for each elective subject. Repeated units are not permitted)

All students will study 2 subjects from the list below for unit 1 and an additional 2 subjects for unit 2: 

Specialist Mathematics


Business (Accounting) and Economics

Business & Civics/Citizenship



Physical Education



Media Arts



Visual Arts

Furnishing Skills

Building & Construction


Digital Solutions


Early Childhood Practices

Please note: PE and Health are both core and elective subjects. Therefore, all students must complete 1 unit of either Health or 1 unit of PE as their core subject. Either subject can also be selected as an elective subject. 

Students also have the opportunity to access Certificate courses offered by outside organizations other than Pacific Pines State High. Students will need to see Ms Henningsen or Ms Sparrow in the Learning Hub for more information including how to apply for a USI to access these Certificate courses. 

It has become a federal government requirement that all people undergoing vocational training must now apply for a USI. This includes all school students as well as adult learners. 
See USI Information for Parents (PDF, 282KB) for all information.


Last reviewed 07 September 2020
Last updated 07 September 2020